How to survive dating a law student

12-Sep-2017 01:29

Through an informal, interactive format (combining presentations, panels, exercises, and lots of Q&A), we’ll start conversations around the key tips and tricks of the trade you need to know most.Our first meeting will focus especially on helping this year’s summer associates hit the ground running and make the most of their summer experience. ” where you’ll get candid answers in response to whatever’s on your mind as you begin the law-firm journey.One person has to toil away in Biglaw for the rest of their lives, the other person gets to move on and have a fulfilling career.Not every relationship can handle the “one of us goes free while the other is chained” dichotomy.Obviously not, because if you had, you would know that the main thing those attorney types like to do is talk.How do you keep the lines of communication open so that you can maintain strong, honest, and respectful relationships?Besides, the internet was by far the fastest at home giving me even more of an excuse to watch every episode of Gossip Girl…for the third time.

We want to help you confidently achieve your career goals—at the firm and beyond—by offering candid, practical advice on key aspects of associate success.

One of the most important things that I did right away was to set up an automated backup on my laptop.