Updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter

08-Oct-2017 10:13

updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter-18

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string query = "Insert into test1 (age, name, pict) values (54, 'kim', empty_blob())"; DO I NEED TO NEXT DO A SELECT TO retrieve a pointer to the blob and then fill it or something along those lines? IIRC, you have to use Oracle's Managed Provider for Oracle to insert into a blob field.

Close(); THIS DOESN'T WORK string query = "Insert into test1 (age, name, pict) values (54, 'kim', " b ")"; SO I STARTED THIS.

Once you create an Oracle Lob instance corresponding temporary LOB appears on the server, and any data you insert into the object is sent immediately to server.

An example of using temporary LOBs you will see later in the article. Write() methods to transfer data to and from server.

The example uses Oracle BLOB, CLOB, and NCLOB data types.

Oracle Connection conn = new Oracle Connection( "server=test8172; integrated security=yes;"); conn.

updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter-47

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It can also be a read-write object, unlike an Oracle BFile, which is always read-only. dot Connect for Oracle supports all three datatypes. Execute Non Query() & " rows affected.") Finally my Connection. Open() Dim my Reader As Oracle Data Reader = & _ my Command.

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