Cancer man dating a sagittarius woman

29-Jan-2018 05:50

The Sagittarius female looks for adventure and enjoyment which needs to met by the Cancer guy at times to pacify her atleast.

The Sag girl is a go-getter which might be a little trickish with the home-bound Cancer fellow. • Mike Tyson and Robin Givens • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes • Marcel cerdan and Edith Piaf • Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connellly There would not be much display of romance and passion with this pair but then they take care much about the partner's emotional needs.

That said, theirs is a combination that warrants hard work because they oppose each other.

On the other hand, Sagittarius will make things light, fun and although the lack of depth could bother Cancer, passion and warmth they bring into their sex life might just be enough to compensate.

The only way their relationship can succeed is for Cancer to let go of their preconceptions and allows some change and fun enter their strict sex zone.

However, a Sagittarius woman will look for easy escapes and make a quick run to the door when she thinks that things aren't going her way.

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Though she can be very adjusting, there will be a point when she will give up everything and move on.

However, two people with these signs can get in a relationship and fall in love and both need to compromise on numerous things to make their relationship work and it can. A man with the Cancer zodiac sign is sophisticated, calm, subtle, compassionate in nature, and loves to stay at home.