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The graph features in Oracle Spatial and Graph include Oracle Network Data Model (NDM) graphs used in traditional network applications in major transportation, telcos, utilities and energy organizations and RDF semantic graphs used in social networks and social interactions and in linking disparate data sets to address requirements from the research, health sciences, finance, media and intelligence communities.

The geospatial feature of Oracle Spatial and Graph provides a SQL schema and functions that facilitate the storage, retrieval, update, and query of collections of spatial features in an Oracle database.

It provides RDF data management, querying and inferencing that are commonly used in a variety of applications ranging from semantic data integration to social network analysis and linked open data applications.

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In the pay_claim() procedure, we have determined that the procedure updates only objects owned by the user CLAIM_SCHEMA, who owns both the procedure and the object.

Oracle provides this updated roadmap for Oracle Java SE products (Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop and Oracle Java SE Suite) to help customers better understand the maintenance and support options available.

Java SE major releases are historically maintained for a minimum of 3 years from general availability date (GA date), or later, as described in the next section.

This is the simplest authorization scheme in programs, and is known as the definers rights model.

Prior to Oracle 8i, this was the only model of authorization.

However, if the procedure were so generic that it is callable by any user to update his or her own tables, or tables owned by others they have privileges on, then authorization is almost nonexistent.