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In this instance, that could mean laying down the rules, and then allowing your children to handle this new technology on their own, and hope they do it responsibility.

I really believe this to be true to a certain extent.

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Find out the signs of pregnancy and where to get a pregnancy test.

Even among 16 -24 year olds just 18% binge drink regularly, contrary to what the media tell us, so teenagers are much better behaved than in our day!

The key thing to remember as parents or carers however, is the more relaxed we are about alcohol in the home, the more likely our kids are to drink outside of it, at parties and in public places, and that’s where risk taking is most likely to happen.

The Chief Medical Officers tells us parents that young people should wait until at least age 15 and an alcohol free childhood is best.

This is because the more relaxed you are about alcohol, the more likely your child is to drink outside of the home.The Young Woman's Guide to Pregnancy is written especially for women under the age of 20, and includes the real pregnancy experiences of young mums.