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Now in trouble, Tia and Tamera try to make it home before Ray and Lisa to intercept the principal's phone call.

And you’ve got to stand about 75 feet to the south and 50 feet west of the south leg (the one closer to the Poplar Street Bridge), looking at the north leg (the one closer to the Veterans Bridge). With approximately 41.5 million glass pieces, this is the largest mosaic collection in the world. Lie down in the nave, if you can, and gaze up at the glowing world above.

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But you’ve got to be there about 10 minutes before sunset, preferably in the spring or fall when the air is very, very clear.

What you will see is an array of color more vivid than any rainbow—really glorious reds and blues and greens, shimmering off the metal. Don’t miss the Stations of the Cross, restored in 2004. Ernest Trova’s sculptures, tucked away in the wooded grounds of Laumeier Sculpture Park.

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13, 2008 Marine Corps, "Immediate Ban of Internet Social Networking Sites (SNS) on Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) NIPRNET," Aug.

The display ends as soon as the sun drops behind the horizon, leaving a reddish-orange glow until the city lights are reflected in the Arch’s steel skin. It was his gift of 40 sculptures—the largest public collection of this internationally known St.